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OptiStar All-in-One® Control Unit

Our OptiStar All-in-One® Control Unit is the first ever to combine electrostatics, injector pump control, and powder delivery all within a space-saving footprint while providing optimal coating efficiency

Our OptiCenter® All-in-One Powder Management System, with the OptiStar All-in-One mounted directly on its hopper, improves powder delivery time to your spray guns. This fully integrated system from Gema allows for delay-free cloud control to reduce powder consumption, fast and efficient color changes, easy maintenance for cleaner operations, and consistent top-quality coating results all controlled by a smart and user-friendly interface.

Dynamic Contouring

Automatic gun positioning, triggering and setting reduces powder waste
Dynamic contouring is a sophisticated solution that allows a highly automated level of powder coating. It detects most difficult object shapes and brings each gun into correct position for coating complex parts.
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RobotGun GM03-R

Compact, powerful gun offers greater versatility and efficiency
Gema’s RobotGun GM03-R is the efficient spray solution for high-quality robotic applications, easily managing complex coating requirements and high degrees of automation.

Enamel Powder Application

Enamel finishing systems for higher productivity and profitability

Gema offers a full range of system solutions developed specifically for enamel coating. Wear-resistant design, high transfer efficiency, outstanding application performance and short return on investment are common key advantages.

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