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You have a lot going on every single workday, many things requiring your attention. But you shouldn’t have to worry about the efficiency and productivity of your powder coating shop. Gema automated powder coating systems offer you greater efficiencies while producing consistent high-quality results. We provide the very best in powder delivery, application technology, and connectivity for smarter factory automation. With Gema, you get maximum performance and repeatable process control whether you are on the shop floor or away from it.

MagicControl 4.0

Synchronized monitoring of the entire automated coating process

Gema puts complete line management control at your fingertips for all automation aspects such as guns, reciprocators and booths for powder coating systems.

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OptiStar All-in-One ®

Electrostatics and powder delivery integrated into a space-saving design

Our All-in-One is the first control unit in the powder coating industry to combine electrostatics and powder feed via injector in a very compact device.

Dynamic Contouring

Automatic gun positioning, triggering and setting reduces powder waste
Dynamic contouring is a sophisticated solution that allows a highly automated level of powder coating. It detects most difficult object shapes and brings each gun into correct position for coating complex parts.
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Opti RobotGun GM03-R

Compact, powerful gun offers greater versatility and efficiency
Gema’s RobotGun GM03-R is the efficient spray solution for high-quality robotic applications, easily managing complex coating requirements and high degrees of automation.

Enamel Powder Application

Enamel finishing systems for higher productivity and profitability
Gema offers a full range of system solutions developed specifically for enamel coating. Wear-resistant design, high transfer efficiency, outstanding application performance and short return on investment are common key advantages.
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Whether you’re the shop manager, system engineer or powder coater, once you decide to make Gema an integral part of your shop, you’ll understand how simple it is to be so productive.

So many opportunities are possible with all the options that Gema can provide to you, and we are ready to help. Contact us and let’s talk about your specific situation. Then we can set up an onsite evaluation at your powder facility with a Gema representative. 

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